Board of Directors

Cowan Community Action Group, Inc. is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of:
Nell Fields---President
Steve Reynolds—Vice President
Valerie Horn—Secretary
Isaac Fields—Treasurer
While the Board of Directors may in some instances make decisions on their own, all decisions affecting the center are brought before a general meeting consisting of community members who attend regular meetings. Through the years since the 60’s there have been meetings of this group, members come and go, but the process remains the same. Everyone who cares enough about the community to come to the meeting and voice their opinion gets to have a say in what happens at the community center. One overriding theme has always been stressed about the center and that is “This is a Community’s center, not any one individual or select group.

Nell Fields

Nell is married to Jerry Fields, a retired miner and police officer,  they have 6 grown children and 15 grandchildren. They live on a small farm at Kingscreek, KY.  Nell has been a member of the Cowan Community Action Group for over 35 year.  She volunteered for the Cowan Center where she served as  the Save the Children Federation Appalachian Area Field Office’s contact person for over 20 years, and the  Cowan Community Youth Group director. During these years the Cowan youth program became one of the most active youth leadership programs in the region.